Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter – Pressed in Australia from beans grown in Vanuatu

A pure vegetable fat: 100% cholesterol free, and vegan. Pale yellow, with a mild chocolate aroma. Pressed from organically grown, fairly traded beans.
Cocoa butter is an extremely stable fat, meaning that it is not prone to rancidity, and therefore has a long shelf life. Use it in DIY chocolate making, cooking, or as a moisturising ingredient in lotions and cosmetics.

Please Note:
Our cocoa butter is pressed on site, here in Kandos NSW.
Currently, demand exceeds supply.

If you are interested in buying our cocoa butter, please email us with details of your requirements so that we can inform you of availability

The Cocoa Communiqué

Lang & Sam meet some cocoa growers in a remote part of Vanuatu

Three reasons not to grow cocoa commercially in Australia

Sam becomes one of 500 million people to catch malaria in 2005

It takes 3kg of cocoa beans to make 1kg of cocoa butter.

Roughly 65% of ALL the cocoa beans grown each year are turned into cocoa butter.

Most chocolate is 25-50% cocoa butter by weight.