Wholesale Cocoa Products

PLEASE NOTE: due to difficulties establishing our new factory Tava is currently unable to supply any cocoa products at all. We apologise for this inconvenience.

For retailers, chocolate manufacturers, and DIY chocolate makers

We supply raw cocoa beans and cocoa nibs at wholesale prices, for orders ranging from 15 kilograms to 15 tonnes (and larger orders by arrangement).
Wholesale Prices*
Raw cocoa beans Available in 15kg bags, for AUD$150 per bag
Raw cocoa nibs Available in 15kg bags, for AUD$252.50 per bag
*Please note: We are located in New South Wales, Australia. The wholesale prices quoted above do not include postage/shipping.

New Products Coming Soon …

  • Roasted whole cocoa beans – roasted light, medium, or dark, to your specifications.
  • Roasted cocoa nibs – the “flesh” of the cocoa bean. Roasted light, medium, or dark, to your specifications.
  • Cocoa liquor – ground nibs, produced from beans roasted to your specifications (cocoa liquor is the principal ingredient in dark chocolate. It can also be used in cooking as a replacement for unsweetened baking chocolate).
  • You can email us to register your interest in these new products.

International customers

While we are based in Australia, we have supplied customers in many parts of the world. Overseas customers should be aware that quarantine requirements will add to cost and delivery time.
Please email us with your requirements or enquiries.

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