Cooking with The Tava Bar – Recipes

At this stage, most of the recipes I’ve adapted for using our cooking chocolate contain lots of sugar, dairy products, and eggs. Over time, I hope to include recipes for people with various dietary restrictions (I’m thinking particularly of vegans, diabetics, and people with allergies to milk and eggs).

If you have any questions about adapting a recipe to suit your needs, or you have any comments, feedback, or recipes that you’d like to share, please email me at:

RECIPES (adapted especially to use The Tava Bar – 100% cocoa solids)

Foolproof Chocolate Brownies recipe
A Refreshing, Flavourful Chocolate Icecream recipe
Fluffy, Rich Chocolate Mousse recipe
Recipe: Nut-free Chocolate Friands recipe
Something savoury: Kangaroo with a savoury cocoa sauce

The Cocoa Communiqué

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Extra dark cooking chocolate.
100% cocoa solids; no sugar.

Allergy Aware:
This chocolate is made in a strictly nut-free environment.