Chocolate Mousse

This simple recipe creates a fluffy, rich chocolate mousse.

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a chocolate dessert that I didn’t like, but chocolate mousse is possibly my all-time favourite. This recipe makes a chocolate mousse that is very rich, but not overly sweet.

For my taste, this mousse is perfect served with Sweet Chocolate Sauce and thickened cream, as shown in the photo.

100g Tava Bar (100% cocoa solids)
1 cup thickened cream
50g raw sugar*
3 eggs, separated

serves 4

  1. Break the Tava Bar (unsweetened cooking chocolate) into pieces.
  2. Place the chocolate, cream, and sugar into a saucepan over very low heat.
  3. Stir occasionally, and remove the saucepan from heat as soon as the sugar is dissolved and the chocolate is melted.
  4. Whip the cream mixture until it forms soft peaks. (Because of the heat in the cream, it will take slightly longer to whip than cold cream).
  5. Add the egg yolks to the whipped cream mixture, and beat until well combined.
  6. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. (Don’t make the egg whites too stiff, or they’ll become very hard to combine with the cream).
  7. Fold the egg whites into the cream mixture.
  8. Spoon the mousse into individual serving dishes, and refrigerate until firm.
  9. Serve with a topping of Sweet Chocolate Sauce and cream.

* I use raw sugar whenever possible because it is the only type of organically grown sugar that my local shops stock.
I also like the fact that raw sugar is slightly less processed than white sugars. Nevertheless, the amount of vitamins and minerals left behind in raw sugar is negligible, so raw sugar is not a health food!

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The Cocoa Communiqué

Click here for much more information about The Tava Bar, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Extra dark cooking chocolate.
100% cocoa solids; no sugar.

Allergy Aware:
This chocolate is made in a strictly nut-free environment.