Tava’s Products: Naturally Ethical

Theobroma cacao – Food of the gods

Our products are made from the seed of the cocoa tree, known in the botanical world as Theobroma cacao.
Cacao seeds (usually called cocoa beans) are the source of everything that makes chocolate wonderful – from the unique flavour and rich brown colour of cocoa mass, to the silky, melting mouthfeel of cocoa butter.
We only source cocoa that has been grown without synthetic chemicals, and bought at a fair price.

Our current stock comes from the fertile volcanic soils of Vanuatu.

Dark Chocolate
The Tava Bar is an extra dark cooking chocolate. It is a bitter, 100% cocoa solids chocolate, with absolutely no sweetener. The Tava Bar is guaranteed to give any recipe a luscious, rich chocolate flavour.
Raw Cocoa Beans
Cacao seeds; fermented and dried in Vanuatu by skilled artisans.
Raw Cocoa Nibs
The edible portion of the cocoa bean. The beans have been cracked and winnowed to remove most of the shell.
Cocoa Butter
Despite its name, cocoa butter is not a dairy product! Cocoa butter is a pure vegetable fat, pressed from cocoa nibs. Our cocoa butter is not deodorized, meaning that it retains a mild but destinctive chocolate aroma. 100% cholesterol free.

The Cocoa Communiqué

Contrary to popular belief, cocoa isn’t related to coffee, coconut, coca, or carob.

Learn about cocoa cultivation, harvesting, fermentation, and drying.