Strong dark chocolatey chocolate

I’ve been away from the chocolate world for quite a while – and I’ve missed it sorely.

As a way of easing my brain back into chocolate mode, I decided to have some fun with a word cloud.

I took an old file containing the text of 100 chocolate bar reviews, written many moons ago by a handful of the most prolific reviewers over at the forum on 70%. I removed the pronouns, conjunctions, and other extraneous verbiage, pasted the remainder into a word cloud generator, and was presented with the 100 glorious words you see below.

I am, in all seriousness, delighted by the result. It’s so darn … chocolatey.

And there’s really nothing pretentious about these words (which I mention, because food and wine reviewers are notoriously flamboyant with their language).

This was just the thing to get my taste buds tingling and my synapses snapping.

~ chocolate ~ flavour ~ aroma ~ dark ~ strong ~ texture ~ bitterness ~ good ~ beans ~ roast ~ chocolatey ~ creamy ~ smooth ~ character ~ hints ~ finish ~