Tava: Naturally Ethical

Tava is currently not active, due to the Covid pandemic and resulting supply chain upheaval.

Unfortunately, this means that we are currently unable to offer any products for sale for now. We will try, however, to try and update you on our progress and we will share any worthwhile ethical cocoa news.

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Samantha and Langdon

“Improving the lives of people in rural communities
through fair trade and sustainable agriculture”

The Cocoa Communiqué

Lang & Sam meet some cocoa growers in a remote part of Vanuatu

ni-Vanuatu cocoa grower

Three reasons not to grow cocoa commercially in Australia

Sam becomes one of 500 million people to catch malaria in 2005

Guiding Principles

Fair’s Fair

We operate on the principle that cocoa growers and their families deserve access to basic healthcare and education.

Organic Agriculture

Cocoa grown without synthetic chemicals is healthier for the consumer, the grower, and the environment.

Nut Free

Our factory premises and all of our products are strictly nut free.


We destroy the myth that fairly traded, organic cocoa is inherently inferior.

cocoa pods

Tava’s Products

pure cocoa butter raw cocoa beans raw cocoa nibs

Chocolate:   “The Tava Bar”

The Tava Bar is chocolate for the adventurous! This is a bitter, 100% cocoa solids chocolate, with absolutely no sweetener. The Tava Bar is designed for cooking with, and is guaranteed to give any recipe a luscious, rich chocolate flavour.

Allergy Aware:
This chocolate is manufactured in a strictly nut-free environment


Raw Cocoa Beans

Whole fermented and dried cocoa beans in their shells. Grown in Vanuatu without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. [more]

Raw Cocoa Nibs

Exceptionally high in antioxidants and very popular with raw food enthusiasts, cocoa nibs are the edible portion of cocoa beans. To make nibs, the whole beans are cracked, and then winnowed to remove about 99% of the shell. [more]

Get Involved!

Cocoa Tours

Visit Vanuatu, where we can show you the cocoa life-cycle from seed to sea port.

Tertiary Projects

Are you studying a subject that you think you could apply in a cocoa growing country? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Starting a Business?

Whether you need raw materials, technical advice, or just some moral support, we might be able to help you.